Catriceology: Slang. Badass Black Woman Resiliency.

Adjective: The unbothered and unapologetic ability to rise from the ashes into Black Woman Badassery. The activation of Black Girl Magic to resist, rise, revolutionize, and thrive!


I don’t know what kind of ashes you may be standing in right now.
I don’t know the pain you might be experiencing.
I don’t know your struggles and fears.
I don’t know what you’re going through.
But I do know this: you don’t have to go through it alone.
I know you’re valuable and that you matter.
I know what the fire feels like.
I’ve been through storms, too.
I know your rage is justified.
I know that the fire can consume you if you let it.
I know that you can rise from your ashes.
I know that you can become the fire.
I will go through the storm with you.
I will rage with you. I will become the fire with you.
I’m here with and for you.
I got you.
It’s time to rise up, Sis!

RISE UP AND BE Unf*uckablewith!
About The Book
For generations, black women have mastered the art of being tenacious and resilient, often to their detriment, by rising from the ashes of grief, pain, and oppression. You may not be weathering the same storms as your matriarchal ancestors, but you have your own storms you are weathering. And although society is trying to set you on fire, you can refuse to let it consume you. You can defy and transcend the fire by becoming the fire and blazing into your Black Woman Badassery! 

Unf*ckablewith, poetic justice for the black woman’s soul, is a splendid blend of self-exploration and a personal memoir infused with truth-inspired stories celebrating three generations of Black Woman Badassery. Catrice M. Jackson shares personal memories of her grandmother, mother, and aunt, and illustrates how those meaningful moments and their Beautiful Struggle inspired her to attain her own Unf*ckablewith status. Throughout the book, she encourages you to use her examples of black woman resiliency, ingenuity, and magic in motion as lenses through which to examine your own life and become Unf*ckablewith.  

Unf*ckablewith, a love letter to black women and a Damn the White Gaze guide, provides insights on how to be unbothered by the fire of Whiteness and how to rise into your Black Woman Badassery to become your own revolution. Sprinkled with tips and tools for healing, transformation, and liberation, this book is balm for the black woman’s soul and fire for your belly. You’ll be inspired to blaze up like a phoenix, regenerate, and activate your multi-dimensional Black Girl Magic to resist, rise, revolutionize, and thrive!
Do not let the fire burn you.

Become the fire and blaze up.

Activate your black girl magic.

Rise. Thrive. Shine

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Rise Up  for 
Black Women



Join me for an intimate moment and safe space for self-exploration and personal reflection to help you uproot, embrace and ignite your own personal Unf*ckablewith revolution. It's time to rise from your ashes into your own version of Black Woman Badassery to thrive on your own terms. Come learn how to be unwavering about who you are and unapologetic about your blackness. I hope you come and learn how to be unbothered by the storms and heal and thrive from fire that tries to consume you.

I'll be sharing excerpts from the book, signing books, and offering strategies to rise up from the ashes into your own Black Woman Badassery. A time for healing and sisterhood. 
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This nominal fee will be used for gifts and refreshments for guests. If you cannot afford to pay please EMAIL ME. 
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