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Here's the Truth: Collectively and historically, there has been significant antipathy within relationships between black and white women. And frankly, white women have been willful instigators, spectators and perpetrators of black women's pain and plight.

Many black women perceive their relationships with white women to be disingenuous engagements riddled with deception, distrust, doubt and emotional danger.  

This course will expose the unrepentant truth about the Weapons of Whiteness used by white women to silence, marginalize, violate and oppress black women and provides radical solutions for relationship reconciliation, reparation and restoration.  

If you want to earn, build and sustain genuine, trusting, non-violent relationships with women you must learn how to be non-oppressive quickly. Black women can no longer wait for you to figure it out and be violated while you learn. 

This Course Is For You...

If you want to learn what is offensive to black, brown and Native women and what the best way of engaging is to begin earning and building trust. 

If you're still struggling to build STRONG, non-oppressive relationships with black, brown and Native women and want to learn how to engage with them in a way that nourishes instead of antagonizes.  

If you want to eliminate your blind spots about how to effectively engage with black, brown and Native women to create trust, racial harmony and relationship progress instead of pain (interpersonal violence).  

If you're ready to start your Journey to Allyship to become an Accomplice with black, brown and Native women (and women of color) in the fight against racial injustice.  

What's Included?

The 30-Day Crash Course Includes:
  • 4 - 60 minute educational training calls with Q & A (MONDAYS 7-8 PM CST) 
  • 24/7 Access to the private Facebook group for additional education, resources & dialogue. 
  • Weekly anti-racism action exercises to help you begin to dismantle your racism.
  • 30 days of anti-racism Q & A (ask questions & get answers)
  • 4 weekly training videos based on the topics below. 


Session 1:  -  Reconciling the Violent History Between Women of Color and White Women

Session 2:  -  Weapons of Whiteness: How To Disarm and Lay Down Your Harmful Weapons 

Session 3:  -  Mastering the Art of Non-Violent Interpersonal Engagement

Session 4: ​ -  The Journey to Allyship and Beyond | How to Be An Accomplice 
How to Register

*ONLY 35 seats available.*



3. AFTER PAYING FOR THE COURSE you will be directed to a page to add your information to the participant list.
Be sure to add your information. 

4. 90 % OF THE COURSE TAKES PLACE ON FACEBOOK. You'll receive a confirmation email
with steps to gain access to the group. 

5. Please be sure you are ready to commit to this 30-day course. If you withdraw
before or during the course you will not receive a refund. 

There is an expected, certain amount of interpersonal violence (Weapons of Whiteness) expected to happen in this course. I reserve the right to remove anyone for any reason without notice from this course. If by chance you refuse to comply with the expectations of this course and or become too violent, you will be removed rom the group/course and will NOT receive a refund. No exceptions.

Participant Testimonials


"The 30-Day Crash Course for White Women was exactly that- the beginning of a life-long journey of reparations and reconnecting to humanity.  I learned more about racial injustice at every level (structural, institutional, personal, internal) in these 30 days than in over 20 years of formal education.  The burden on black, brown and indigenous women is greater than any white woman can imagine, regardless of life circumstances other than race.  There is no excuse, no “but”, no more apathy- this class quickly and painfully showed me its time for daily, intense, uncomfortable, personal dismantling of my white supremacy.  If you are ready to sit down, slow down, listen, and swallow some hard truths- this is the class for you." - Kate G. 
"Catrice, what you provide here is a gift to humanity. I have learned more here in 30 days than I have in 5-6 years of other “anti-racism work.” You gave us the gift of a strategically curated opportunity to finally own up, through honest reflection and sharing, how we have caused harm to woc and especially black women. I shared moments of my own anti blackness and racism that I thought I would take to the grave; by being accountable and connecting my thinking, feelings and actions to historical violence, I now am paying genuine reparations, and have a detailed plan to take this work, accountability and reparations into every aspect of my life. Most importantly of all, I know more about my weapons of whiteness because of you, and I am responsible for immediately disarming myself in every moment, which causes less harm to woc. Thank you for the gifts you shared with us and thank you for getting me in touch with my humanity so that I can stop committing as much violence in the world." - Laura V.
"Catrice, Thank you for your powerful course, it has been deeply transformational, my journey has just started and I’ve had the most amazing teacher.  My gratitude comes from the deepest place in my soul. Catrice Jackson’s 30 day course is a life changer.  Non white teaching space is held with power and immense integrity.  I winced, squirmed, shouted, cried, paced at night, trembled and ultimately stood up and held myself accountable.  This is without doubt the best course I have ever done and it has launched a new trajectory for my life to follow until my dying day.  Anyone faint hearted need not apply."
- Daniella S. 
"Catrice is a gifted teacher who gets straight to the point - we white women are willing accomplices who support the racist systems that harm black, brown, native and women of color everyday. This course has helped me identify my blind spots and forced me to face uncomfortable truths, while also showing me how to develop a plan to change and do better.  I’m now aware that I need to actively work against the white supremacy and anti-blackness that I am surrounded by, and that to turn away from that truth and the discomfort it causes is choosing to continue to support the racist system that we all live in every day.  This course is challenging, thought provoking, humbling and necessary for white women like me so we can stop harming POC and start making reparations for the damage they experience everyday." - Susan S. 

Sound Bites 

  • "This course is worth every dollar and more. Make the investment in your humanity."  
  • "You will experience a visceral and celluar transformation in this course."  
  • Catrice is a master teacher. There is nothing like this course. Sign up now!"  
  • In one week you will have gotten your money's worth. Don't miss this priceless gift."