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BOSSLady of Branding -  Speaker & International Best-Selling Author 

Branding Expert Catrice M. Jackson
Branding Expert Catrice M. Jackson
Branding Expert Catrice M. Jackson
Branding Expert Catrice M. Jackson
Catriceology - The Irresistible  Psychology of Brandology™ 
Branding Expert Catrice M. Jackson
Unleash the Brand of YOU in 30 Days! 
Brandvisibility Branding Marketing Brand Expert Catriceology Catrice M. Jackson Copy Writing
The 30-Day Irresistible Brand Program is perfect for you if...

  • You feel like you are struggling to be seen, heard and hired as the brand of choice in your industry.
  • You're not sure about your brand and don't know how to clearly speak to your ideal clients so they buy what you have.  
  • You are not getting the attention, clients and business you'd like and feel like giving up on your business. 
  • You're hiding and not marketing yourself because you are unclear of what you offer and how to promote yourself effectively.
  • You feel like your brand blends in instead of standing out OR you're not even sure what your brand is. 
  • You've got a great product/service but don't know how to communicate the transformational value to potential clients. 
  • You are attracting the wrong clients, not getting any clients or can't get potential clients to say yes and pay.

In just 30 days you'll unleash your Irresistible Trademark™ (IT) , choose the clients you CRAVE, release the WHY that makes clients buy, speak the language that ignites YES 

NEVER hide the brand of YOU again! ​

Work with me and let's do the damn thing! 
Branding is a Verb... Ya heard! 

Week #1: You will rediscover the hidden brand within, expose the heart of who YOU are and release the true soul of your brand--the natural skills/talents/gifts and desires YOUnique to you and why you are the BEST at what you do. We release the why--your like-know-trustability factor!

Week #2: You will hit the sweet-spot of your personal brand and create the brand-specific intention, purpose and vision for your new personal brand. We release the brand promise--what clients buy! 

Week #3: You will easily create your client-CRAVE profile so you can stop attracting the wrong clients and attract the right clients for you who say YES, hire you and buy from you. We release your transformational value and attraction factor--your brand power and selling sauce. 

Week #4: You will create on brand copy and messages that clearly speak to the heart and mind of your ideal clients and create your new brand awareness plan and launch strategy. We release your "make your mark in the marketplace mojo"--your special spot to own your industry niche!​

BONUS: You'll receive a 5th session to BE SURE you love it and are ready to launch it successfully with confidence!
A BOSSLady brand is the perfect harmonization of your feminine and masculine energy that allows you to show up totally authentic and beautifully and boldly expressed!

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Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Service Based Business Owners...

Would you like to get crystal clear on what makes YOU, your business and your services like no other, confidently communicate and market your programs and attract the "right" clients who will say yes to working with you?

YES? -- It's time to embody your brand and ROCK IT! 
Want to know what makes potential clients say yes and buy? 

  • You radiate your brand like-know-trustability factor---clients buy your "why." 
  • They clearly see, hear and feel you owning your unwavering expert status---clients want to hire the best! 
  • They need you to speak directly to their head & their heart---client's want to know YOU know what they need. 
  • They need to see and feel your unstoppable confidence in you---client's need to know YOU are the solution! 
  • They secretly want similar success--clients need to know you can help them achieve it. 
  • They want effective solutions and lasting results---they want to see you live what you speak about. 
"Thank you Catrice M. Jackson for your 30-Day Irresistible Brand Program. I am so excited about this brand. It is a true representation of who I am. I struggled with trying to figure that out and always getting stuck and then depressed at times. When that happened I just stopped all together. I was becoming increasingly tired of feeling stuck. Now I have so much clarity around my brand and who I am. Catrice you were skilled at helping me to get to the core of who I am and coaching me to fully seeing myself and what I had to offer in a different way. I cannot begin to even put a price on my transformation and your coaching skills. Thank you!" --Sandra Mizell Chaney, The Reposition Your Life Coach, Speaker, and Author
"Catrice M. Jackson has an amazingly beautiful gift of seeing into the soul of your business and birthing the message it desires to share with the world. She confidently guided and channeled into my message and brought it forth in a beautiful way. Her intuitive, tangible process for extracting the message I wanted to share was thoughtful, timely and attentive. I am so much more confident in my brand and message and have experience immediate, positive results such as more ideal clients and sales. If you have a message in your head or heart, I highly recommend you choose Catrice M. Jackson as your message mentor. I will absolutely choose her again and again!" --Kelly Sha, Inspirational Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Music Therapist, Yogini and Musician
An Irresistible Brand inspires trust, communicates credibility and allows you the authentic permission to be the real YOU!

~Like-Know-Trustability ~ =Brand Power! 
Here's what happens when WE create your irresistible brand!  

You are crystal clear about the "why" of your brand, how it's uniquely differnt and can EASILY tell potential clients what the transformational value is. 

You OWN YOUR EXPERT STATUS and release the need to compare or compete.

You have a one-of-a-kind client profile and know exactly what to say to ideal clients.

You stop hiding and market your business and programs with full confidence and clarity.

You attract the "right" kind of clients who are willing to say YES and buy what you have. 

You have greater confidence in charging your worth, asking for it and receiving it. 

Your brand stands out, gets attention, and you work less to be seen and heard.

The passion, excitement and love for your work pulsates again, people feel it 
and you are more attractive and SO MUCH MORE. 
As a bonus here's what you will walk away with in addition to what the program outlines.

•A new About Me profile (web copy) for your website or speaker bio. 
•2 signature titles/concepts for your new brand to further expand your brand.
•A brand awareness plan with creative ideas to introduce your new brand.
•A brand launch strategy with dates and steps to launch your new brand to your community. 
•A client-crave profile that soulfully communicates who you love working with and the exact message you need to communicate to speak to their heart and mind. (this is the sales sweet spot). 

If YOU are confused about YOUR brand...your clients will be too! ...and...Confused clients don't buy! 

Let's release your SOUL-BRAND so you can confidently sell the brand of you!
"From the moment I began with Catrice and her irresistible branding program I knew I'd chosen the perfect person to bring me clarity and focus!  In such a short time we covered so much information and I was consistently inspired by the quality, experience and specific directions that allowed me to get excited, have sparks of inspiration and a clear vision of precisely how I wanted to show up for the world. Catrice challenged me to bring my best forward and I am feeling spectacular about my new brand as "The Soul Whisperer".  I recommend anyone with anything less than 100% clarity on their brand and how it can attract exactly who and what you desire to sign up today with Catrice's programs.  I look forward to future courses with Catrice and possible joint venture partnerships."  --Wendy MacKay, Soul Whisperer Lighting the Fires of Desires in Women 50+
If you are taken to the PayPal page and do not have a PayPal account you can click on CHECK OUT to pay with your credit card. 

Your payment is a secured transaction and your information is kept strictly confidential. You will receive an email confirmtion of your payment and enrollment. 
A 3 payment option is available! 
Contact me for details...
"Before you do anything...before you set up your web site, establish your LLC, purchase another training program, or start any social media promotion, it's essential that you define your brand. "I can't say enough about Catrice Jackson's 30-Day Irresistible Brand Program. Catrice was just what I needed to re-focus my efforts, identify what I'm here to do and thoroughly define my brand. As a result, I have changed my business tagline, transformed my coaching packages, identified my ideal clients, and I have a plan for aligning all of my web copy and goals in a way that speaks to my brand. I'm excited about my business again. I highly recommend Catrice to anyone struggling with their brand. She's developed a complete system that gets to the heart of what you do. I've worked with a lot of coaches and "experts" and her program, by far, surpasses them all." --Amy O'Brien, Speaker and Best-Selling Author 
Brandvisibility Branding Marketing Brand Expert Catriceology Catrice M. Jackson Copy Writing
YES! Catrice I am READY to Create My Irresistible Brand in 30-Days and Rock IT Like a BOSSLady! 
"Before being introduced to Catrice Jackson and her 30 Irresistible Personal Brand course....I was floundering! I knew what I was called to do, but didn't have a clue on how to brand myself or really even get started! I wanted to give up and quit on my business. Thank God I reached out to Catrice. After the FIRST class I was hooked! Catrice helped me create a brand I love; one that sets me a part from other coaches and makes my special gifts absolutely irresistible! I now have direction and clarity and am getting ready for a launch and grand opening I thought would NEVER happen! I am confident my new brand will bring the business success I desire. Thanks Catrice for all you have done, I LOVE the brand of me!" ---Kelly J. Joyner-The Quit to Win Coach
"Before I worked with the BOSSLady, Catrice Jackson, I wasn’t sure of so many things. I wasn’t sure how to say what I wanted to in the way that I wanted to. I wasn’t sure if I “could” have a voice and say the things I wanted to say. I was actually at a point in my business I wasn’t even sure how to tell people what I did or what I had to offer them. My voice and direction was lost. 
And then I started working with Catrice. ----Catrice helped me put into words my feelings and opinions with power behind them. And, to be honest, allowed me to feel like I had the right to share my expertise with the world rather than sit behind the scenes and stare at the coaching industry in confusion. ----In working with Catrice, I not only was able to define my standard offers, step into my business in a new and refreshed way, I was able to actually embody my message and accept my voice is meant to be heard to the masses. In short, working with Catrice put me on the fast track to finding the next avenue in my business and my message to share with the world." -- Kevra Cherne, Money Creation Mentor and Sales Success Strategist 
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